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June 11, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Superdrive2 Samapti Ghoshna.

Seems like justyesterday when this dream drive revved off on to the roads of Maharashtra and Gujarat. The Tata Nano Superdrive2 has been and will continue to be one of the most memorable journeys I have ever undertaken. From Kolhapur in Maharashtra to Rajkot in Gujarat, the 10 men of our cavalcade made a hell of an effort to make this epic journey an absolute success. We roughed it out in the heat, enjoyed the rain and loved the wind. The bonds built between us brothers on this trip will last for a long time. Here are some of our most cherished snippets from the Tata Nano Superdrive2 2011: 1) Bambai se nikle, strangers to one another: The Mumbai-Pune expressway and then the NH4 onwards to Kolhapur played the ice-breaker between us men on the road. Within just 200 kilometres of driving together, we were in each other’s comfort zones. How a road trip can bring random strangers together! 2) Kolhapuri Mutton and two vegetarian Gujaratis: 2nd night at Kolhapur our team decided that we want Kolhapuri mutton for dinner. The look on Aatish’s and Jigars faces was priceless! Aatish coyly ordered some veg for himself and Jigar helped him finish it. As for the foodies of the trip, Mahesh and I went gaga over the mutton at Hotel Sarika on the highway. 3) Sholapur:Team: Da, kaisa hotel hai yeh? Mahesh: Aj ke liye adjust kar lo yaar, Kal hotel shift karte hain. The whole drive is over but woh ‘kal’, aj tak aya nahi! 4) Nanded: As the cars got ready for the days run to Nagpur, it started drizzling. Soon, the rain was pouring like crazy. Our first rain, most of us got wet just for the feeling of getting soaked in rain. Our smiles were wider than a 6 lane highway on this day. 5) Santa-ra Singh (Nagpur):Vaddi garmi hai yaar itthe. Jigar: I want Panipuri, Mahesh: Set up ka kya hua? Aatish: it’s almost ready da. Jigar: I want panipuri. 6) Road pe raada!: On the highway to Aurangabad, we got stuck in a huge traffic line up. Some accidents on the ghat roads ahead had halted traffic for the entire night and the route 1 cavalcade was stuck too. Our team turned adversity into triumph as we joked our time away for a while and then started zig-zagging through both lanes of the road and got off the ghat with the cavalcade intact! We had awesome fun while doing it! 7) Team: Amravati ka koi bharosa nahi. We actually felt thankful once the first 10 cars came but the number of Nanos kept climbing and soon there were 30 plus cars! Nothing succeeds like success! We rocked the event at Amravati! 8) Aurangabad: Jigar: Da, mujhe paani puri khaani hai. Team: Da, hume paani puri khaani hai. Mahesh: face palm. 9) Maharashtra to Gujarat: This leg of the journey was both exciting and irritating for me. I had planned to capture the border crossing of the Nanos in pictures. Someone had told me there is a huge board welcoming the traffic into Gujarat, Ghanta! I sat holding the camera for more than 2 hours, the border and the board was nowhere to be seen. We reached Surat in a jiffy instead. Dhatt teri ki! 10) Surat: A brilliant place with amazing people! Guest got emotional about their Nanos and narrated their personal stories about how the small wonder had changed their lives for years to come. A great interaction and followed by Vadodara, the perfect welcome into Gujarat! 11) Rajkot: The end of the road. After the awesome evening carnival and working all night long, as the sun came up it was time to bid goodbye. The epic road journey has come to an end and a quiet calm is present among the team members as I prepare to leave. Till we meet again on the road! Choti Gaadi Choti gaadi choti gaadi, Hai meri yeh choti gaadi. Agar hum bachche na hote, Lagti hume yeh choti gaadi. Dekho toh kaise chalti hai, Rukti nahi hai meri gaadi. Sabse aage badhti hai, Yeh dekho aisi pyaari gaadi. Baarish me mujhe panah deti hai, Dhoop se mujhe bachaleti hai, Dost mere sab chaahe isme, Baithke ghoom na baari baari. Mummy papa kehte hai, Ik din tum bhi chalaoge gaadi. Main unse kehta hoon, Yehi wali chalaunga mai gaadi. Sabko jake dikhaoonga mai, Haimeri yeh Nano gaadi.

June 9, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Day 23, on the road to Rajkot!

To the final destination we shall roll!

Rajkot, the final destination city for the Superdrive2 route west 1, promises to be a fitting farewell but only once we are done doing what we do best, showing the city what the Tata Nano is all about!

Today’s leg started from Vadodara, flagged off by Ms Gurmin Kaur of Miles Motors, we made our way swiftly towards Rajkot – the centre of Gujarat.

We drove on a very interesting set of highways today, namely the National Highway 47, NH 8A etc. the roads stretched out as far as the sight could see, beautiful start to our day!

Aatish, Jigar and Mahesh, our leads on this tour made our drive on the smooth roads full of laughter with their light hearted banter and mimicry of our drivers.

This is the last time that the route 1 team is together. Apart from the smiles and happiness, it is also visible on the faces of our team, that they will miss this friendship that we shared on the road for one full month.

We reached Rajkot early in the evening and settled down. Tomorrow, once again we make the Tata Nano Superdrive2 Carnival happen here! Join the superdrive2 team at the Utsav Party Plot for the Carnival and also bring your Tata Nanos for the Intra-city Nano drive! Let the happiness parade begin!

The journey in pictures:

June 8, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Day 22, The happiness parade touches Vadodara!

Surat is a city with no inhibitions, a place where the east meets the west in the most subtle of ways. In just one night that the Superdrive2 crew has spent here, we have been able to observe the steadily changing atmosphere of Vadodara. There is a youthful buzz in the city.

The Superdrive2 team organised a mall activation for the city folk of Vadodara at the Vadodara Central mall. Apart from the mall activities, the intra-city rally here was a huge affair! More than 40 Tata Nanos arrived almost in unison at the Miles Motors Tata showroom here in the city. The registrations began in a jiffy and as always, smiles were all around.

The line-up was impressive and there were a lot of little kids all around which made the place even more cheerful than it was initially. Now we were ready for the drive across Vadodara! Flagged off by the Dy Mayor of Vadodara Arvind bhai Patel, the 40+ car strong cavalcade of our guests’ Nanos drove on to the city roads. Painting the city NANO!

With brilliant coordination the happiness cavalcade made its way across Vadodara with people everywhere pointing out towards our cavalcade, led by our yellow Superdrive2 pilot Nano. This place sure loves its Nanos!

After treating the city roads with an overload of Tata Nanos the drive ended at the Vadodara Central Mall where the mall activation was waiting for our guests. As soon as the guests entered our podium area, our emcee engaged them with innovative games and cheerful repartee.

Here too, like other cities, our guests were invited on stage to share their feelings and emotions towards their car the Tata Nano and boy did they oblige. One after the other from owners to owners’ children, everyone came up and spoke about the car. Stories about how this little car changed their lives and helped them gain even more respect among their friends were all shared alike.

An RJ from the local BIG FM also came over and took bites of the owners and their families. The Nano is a rage in this city. It was more than apparent by the response the Superdrive2 got, on the street and in the mall. Out and out fun!

Our stay in Vadodara has been short and purpose driven. Tomorrow, the Superdrive2 cavalcade head back on to the highway. We are now heading towards our final destination on this epic journey! Rajkot in central Gujarat!

Our entire team is now filled with more enthusiasm than ever as we near the completion of this mega drive. Excitement coupled with the realisation of the fact that after Rajkot the team will probably not meet each other for a long time to come. Even though the thought of this tour coming to an end is not very comforting, we are determined to make the Superdrive2 Carnival at Rajkot a memorable one!

Watch this space of more updates and stories, as I bring to you our stories, live!

The Journey in Pictures:




June 8, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Day 21, Vadodara!

An early morning drive is often the best way to start a day now isn’t it? If you’re in a Nano, the big windows and ease of handling let you enjoy the experience at a whole new level.

The route 1 team was flagged off by Mr Vikram Rathod of Srijee Motors at Surat. We then made our way onto the fantastic National Highway 8. Six lanes of absolute pleasure on fourwheels, which is what the stretch of road from Surat to Vadodara is.

The road was smooth as silk and our Superdrive2 cavalcade covered the short distance in short spurts, stopping occasionally for the customary chai and of course, with such foodies on board – how can we not stop for breakfast! A place called Hotel Highway is where we stopped for our morning grub.

Surprises of surprises, here in Gujarat, we ended up ordering South Indian food! The menu here had us all in splits as the spellings of dishes were misspelt so brilliantly. “Maisur” masala “dhosa” and some more “Sauth Indian” cuisine later, we were back on the road.

Short and sweet, this trip further into Gujarat reached us to Miles Motors, the Tata show room at Vadodara, the Nano home for this city.

For the people of Vadodara, the Tata Nano Superdrive2 has organised a mall activation at Central mall, 11am onwards. Once again, lets rev up those engines and head to happiness land! The Nano way!

Journey in Pictures


June 6, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Surat, Kemcho?! Carnival Day!

A beautiful city with even more beautiful people and an amazing ethos – that is Surat for you. The Superdrive 2 Carnival here today was the perfect beginning to our tour of Gujarat on this mega road journey across India.

Srijee Motors Surat made sure our experience in this city was next to brilliant. With their courtesy and poise they helped make the Superdrive2 Carnival a huge hit in the city. As we got ready for the carnival in the 43 degree heat of this semi-arid climate the sun hid behind rain clouds.

Our guests started arriving in their Tata Nanos right at 3pm as the Route 1 team of superdrive2 went about welcoming them to our venue. Registrations were on full time, the rings on the ‘ring the Nano’ table started flying and the darts started popping balloons on the darts counter.

Winning a miniature Nano on the langdi board, one of the guests looked at me while I was clicking a picture and said, ‘I love these games, and more than that I love my Nano, thank you for coming here’. All I could do was smile and feel proud to be a part of this endeavour. I thanked him for saying so.

From senior citizens to young toddlers, everyone enjoyed every single game that the Superdrive2 carnival had on offer. Their love for the car was more than apparent as one after the other they came up on the stage and voiced their emotions, Gujarati ma!

The sight of more than two people of a family travelling on a two wheeler is not uncommon in our country but slowly that very sighting will vanish, mark my words, thanks to cars like the Tata Nano. Out of all the things said by our guests today, the most relevant was when one of our guests said that he no longer waits on the side of the road under a tree when it rains.

At 4pm, all the Nanos lined up, led by our pilot Cavalcade car, the Yellow one. Just as the intra-city drive was flagged off by the Mayor of Surat, Shri Rajubhai Desai, the clouds opened. It started raining, not too heavy though. It felt as if the rain gods laid a carpet of rain drops for our Superdrive2 cavalcade!

The windows of all the cars rolled down to enjoy the gentle patter of light rain that was gracing our gala occasion for the people of Surat. The streets of Surat are a pleasure to drive on, even in our ‘camera’ car, watching the line of cars winding through on those roads was an experience!

After the rally ended, back at our venue – The Srijee party plot, the games and merry making began all over again. Our Emcee, Rosemin talked to the guests and RJs from Surat’s My FM took bites of our rally participants to share on the air!

As it became dark, the rush of the carnival was replaced by an excitement for the drive to Vadodara tomorrow! Back on the road we head to another big city in the state of Gujarat. Our men from the Tata Nano Superdrive2 cavalcade tell me I’m in for a real treat as the team always finds me hogging local grub. Sounds like a plan!

It’s been a rocker of a day! Superdrive2 will see you on the road to Vadodara tomorrow! Stay glued, as we head out on to the highway again. One for the road!

The journey in pictures:


June 6, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Day 19. To the land of the Dhokla!

Flagged off from Aurangabad by Manjeet Singh Wahi from Sanya Motors, the Superdrive2 route 1 cavalcade was charged up for the long drive to Surat, Gujarat.

The much awaited border crossing from Maharashtra into Gujarat came amidst pleasant and slightly breezy weather, very well taken by our team. Driving a bunch of cars on smooth highways across mainland India is almost always a pleasure but today, thanks to the spectacular scenery and great company, the pleasure of this trip was at a whole new level.

National highway 211 and consequently NH 6 were our choice of roads to drive on today. The smooth tarmac and the hills and ghats made sure our senses were zapped with the amazement and beauty of our countryside.

Fuel and chai stops were full of light hearted banter and repartee coupled with the spirit of brotherhood amongst us men of the road. We did get stuck on one of the ghats due to a huge traffic jam but we got out with our cavalcade intact and had fun on the road while doing it, taking pictures et al.

As the sun descended on the horizon behind the grey clouds full of rain, we rolled in to the industrial madness of Surat. Finally, we were greeted by a city with broad roads and brilliant looking night life!

5th June,  the city of Surat witnesses the carnival cavalcade of the Tata Nano Superdrive2. People of Surat, join the Happiness Parade and let the merry making begin!

The journey in pictures:

June 6, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Day 18, Aurangabad welcomes us with a storm!

Yes my friends! A storm is what we were treated to here. A storm of Nanos, a storm of people and the lovely storm the weather of Aurangabad saved for us as we flagged in our Intra-city rally here, at Prozone Mall.

The day started with preparations for the Superdrive2 Carnival which was being held at the Prozone mall. Setting up began early in the day as the word went around town that the Nano cavalcade and the team of Superdrive2 was in town for a one on one with the city’s people.

Our Intra-city drive was a huge success as more than 40 cars took part and even more guests graced this occasion along with their families. One after the other, the Tata Nanos lined up in front of the Sanya Motors Tata showroom. The rally/drive was flagged off from this location by RTO commissioner Mr Salame.

Dark clouds full of rain covered the skyline of Aurangabad as our Tata Nano happiness parade drove through the streets of this scenic city. Passing along major city landmarks such as Delhi gate and Mill corner, the excitement in the city folk was more than visible. Every time I stopped to take a picture people came up and asked me what I was doing, the moment I told them that a long line of Nanos was going to pass, they all got excited and waited alongside till the Cavalcade passed.

There was a huge dust storm followed by heavy rain as we waited for the Nano parade to be flagged in. As the cars drove into the gate of our Mall, I popped out of my car for a second and managed to click a couple of pictures. I along with my camera were completely wet as I settled back inside the ‘camera’ car. Fun!

The guests entered the carnival area in the centre of the mall and immediately our Emcee Vinay started interacting with them. Playing games and sharing thoughts, our guests tonight were totally engrossed with the goings on at the carnival!

Local RJ Pallavi from big FM also interacted with the owners of the ‘khushiyon ki chaabi’ and took bytes to air on the radio! The Tata motors team was also on the scene answering queries and telling the public about the Nano and its new features and all its colours.

A lot of guests were invited onto the stage to share how the Nano had changed their lives. The vigour with which they came up and spoke about the car and their experiences was really moving. From young couples to senior citizens and even children, all told us one after the other that the car was a huge hit amongst their peers and those who didn’t have one felt jealous of the people who did!

Our guests enjoyed to the hilt today. Aurangabad, with its charm and beautiful people has left the Superdrive2 team feeling a tad sad as we leave tomorrow. Come the morning of tomorrow, the Tata Nano Superdrive2 heads to Surat in Gujarat!

For me, today’s event signified the half way mark, even though this is our 5th city. We now drive into the second state in our itinerary. Driving and crossing the state borders has the entire team excited as two of our colleagues are thorough bred Gujaratis. Their excitement about going to Gujarat has more than rubbed off on all of us!

Follow our cavalcade! As we head to the land of Khakras and dhoklas, stay tuned to this space for updates. See you all in Surat!

Journey in pictures: