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May 16, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Nano Superdrive 2- The Journey is about to Begin…From Mumbai.

The common mans’ dream, to own a four-wheeler which provides him with a cover from the pains of daily commuting. A safe haven for his family and the realisation of a lifelong wish, that of owning a car – The new TATA Nano is just that.

Superdrive 2 is aimed at conjuring up thoughts and emotions of the people in India who have already realised that very dream or are about to do so with the Nano.

We, the team of Route 1 and this 4000 kilometre mega drive across the landscape of Maharashtra and Gujarat will bring to you the effect the Nano has had on people’s lives. Apart from the bustling metros in these two states the launch of the Nano has had a deep impact even in places not so popular with economists and business houses.

The real game changer when it comes to low cost high value automobiles, the Nano has altered the way people think not just when they are planning to buy a new car but now also when they think about buying a two-wheeler. We bring to you their thoughts by means of our travel!

Be it the fast and furious vibe of Mumbai or the Colonial charm of Rajkot, this leg of the Tata Nano Superdrive 2 will take you through two of the largest states in India, with our cavalcade of Nanos. This journey, apart from being a ‘connect with the people’ campaign, will also be a showcase of the reliability, safety and the ‘cuteness’ quotient of the Nano. Everything from The Nanos features to its performance will be brought to you via this blog. The Tata team will respond to all your queries about the Nano.

Join us on this epic road journey by following this space for write ups, pictures and updates as we travel in our Nano convoy and connect with the people of mainland India. Take part in various mall activations and Tata Nano rallies which will be held in the cities we drive through.

We flag-off from Prabhadevi in Mumbai on Monday the 16th of May 2011 and head to Kolhapur, after which you will see us in Solapur and then Nagpur. From Nagpur we head to Amravati and Aurangabad post which we will enter Gujarat. After a short while in the cities of Surat and Vadodara, Route 1 of the Superdrive 2 will end in Rajkot.

I, Nipun Srivastava, your blog host will keep you updated with the latest – on the go.

I’m a physics graduate, a freelance Travel Photographer and I love riding my motorcycles – a total petro-head. I love geek-ing around with gadgets and I also write.

You can follow my travels at:

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‘Give me adventure, I’ll send back pictures.’


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