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May 18, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Flag-off from Mumbai

The epic road trip is underway! The route one team flagged off from Concorde Motors’ TATA showroom in Prabhadevi, Mumbai. The entire staff of the showroom and also the big wigs of Tata saw us off as we embarked on the first leg of our journey. We are now on our way to our first destination – Kolhapur. Getting out of Mumbai and negotiating its havoc reeking traffic is no easy task but our Nanos were upto it and how.

Whizzing through the Chembur mid-day gridlocks, our two Nanos showcased the ease with which they can negotiate the toughest of jams. We then headed onto the Mumbai-Pune expressway.

The mood is upbeat as we take our first stop at the expressway food mall. New to each other, everyone part of the Tata Nano Superdrive 2 cavalcade is still getting to know each other. The jokes and repartee are just beginning to flow. Just a trailer, of the fun that awaits us over the next one month which we are going to spend on the road, travelling across Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Everywhere we go the eyes just keep following our Nanos. Driving in unison and keeping up to speed with the cavalcade on the fast paced expressway stretch from Mumbai to Pune, the Nanos are quick to reach Pune and zoom past onto the National Highway 4.

Heading towards Satara we drive through the stunning Khambatki Ghat and there again, on the twisting roads of the Western Ghats the Nano performs. The drivers of the Nano duo are enjoying the drive and are also excited about the prospect of driving these chic machines for a full 4000 kilometers.

After we crossed Satara, heading towards Kolhapur, it’s almost sundown. We head off the smooth tar highway for a short detour into a village. The broken tar roads here show how the Nano copes with bumps, the ride is smooth enough for me to write!

Connecting with the people has never been this easy, with our colorful Nanos and their jazzy decals the village folk are intrigued by what they see. Children buzz around the peoples’ car. The entire team of champs and drivers sits down for a much deserved cuppa’ tea.

The sun sets behind the mesmerizing Ghats lining the views all around the village. We head back out on the road, refreshed and rejuvenated thanks to the calm and unhurried pace of a village. We call it a night. Tomorrow its Kolahpur!


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