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May 19, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Day 2, Tata Nano Superdrive 2 reaches Kolhapur!

Today the Superdrive 2 route 1 team left for Kolahpur. 100 kilometres of smooth straight black top stood between our cavalcade and the city. The drive was quick and all the cars were running up to the beat.

The afternoon sun bears down on the troupe as we roll into Kolhapur and reach the Tata motors Kolhapur show room – the Nanos’ home for the next three days. After 2 days of pretty strenuous driving, the cars need a wash and so do all of us men!

The Nanos and the pilot cars head into the washing bay and the team heads out for lunch. Kolhapur is the home of sumptuous Maharashtrian cuisine and we hungry champs are more than happy to hog. Kolhapuri mutton and missal pav – Much needed grub!

After lunch we head to our hotel to freshen up and take some much needed rest. Evening comes with the temperatures falling and the city coming alive. Kolhapur as I learned today is a city of lanes, by lanes and streets smaller than the width of 5 people walking alongside. Today, our cavalcade rests at the Tata show room but tomorrow, when we head out into the somehow organised mish-mash of lanes to meet the people of this interesting city, I can already imagine how easy it would be to drive around in a zippy little Nano.

The Champs spend the evening taking in the city, preparing for the days to come, breaking the ice between us and the new city. Kolhapur has welcomed us with a warm ethos – quite literally!

Fun and the Nano, they surely go together.

Journey in pictures

By Nipun Srivastava


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