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May 20, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Day 4, Kolhapur meets Superdrive 2!

SHOW TIME! Preparations were on full throttle as the day began and our team was geared up for the afternoon one-on-one with the city’s people. After the Radio announcements that we caught on the air yesterday, distributing flyers and pamphlets again, we were in for a surprise turn out.

The Carnival was ready, the Nanos were revved up and the team was game. The people started pouring in by the tens! I have never seen so many Nanos at the same time! Happy sight! Happy customers!

Amidst the throngs of Nano owners and prospective owners at our Superdrive 2 carnival at Kolhapur, I managed to interview a couple of them and their families. I can tell you one thing for sure; the Nano has had a very deep impact on the lives of these people. The moment I mention the Nano, their faces light up. A wife of one of the Nano owners told me ‘Humara sapna sakaarhogaya’. Another gentleman looked at his son with pride in his eyes and said ‘Yeh mere bête ne mujhe gift di hai, mera beta bada hogaya’.


It is clear to me now; the Nano is not just some car. It is not just the ‘small wonder’ that people talk about. The Nano is a dream on wheels. People have actually named their cars, they love them so much. The car is a part of their lives and an integral one at that.

The registrations were pouring in and the people were busy playing Nano games at the carnival, while the Superdrive 2 team was on its toes.The people of Kolhapur let loose on the ‘Langdi’, darts and even took photographs on the spot with our display car. The customers and their families were more than happy to give audio bites to the local Tomato FM radio channel. Our Emcee, Neela, interacted with the people and connected them to our Tata Nano Superdrive 2 team. All were now waiting for the intra-city drive or ‘rally’ to start and start it did!

More than 35 Tata Nanos lined up for theSuperdrive 2 mega rally through the streets of Kolhapur. Right from Baicha Putla through Janta Bazaar, whizzing past Dasara Chowk heading into the heart of the city, Gavat Mandai and then the line of Nanos made it back to the venue after an hour long drive through lanes and twisty by-lanes in the peak hour traffic of this temple city.

Reaching the venue, everybody disembarked excited and recharged after the drive. I could sense everyone was impressed by Tata and the entire Superdrive 2 concept. Questions about the journey kept pouring in one after the other. Most of all, the people who owned the Nano and even people on the street were astonished that this small car could pull off such a feat, I too.

The event was a total success. Around 38 cars took part in the drive, more than 120 people turned up for the Superdrive 2 Carnival. Games were played, prizes were won and the people left with smiles on their faces. The Nano is now, literally, the talk of the town.

‘Khushiyon Ki Chaabi’ – now I can understand the real meaning behind that statement.

Next up, the journey resumes.Sholapur, here we come!


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  1. AJ / May 25 2011 9:14 am

    wow, gr8 🙂 superb NANO

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