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May 27, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Day 10, First rain!

On the road to Nagpur, we encounter our first rain of the season! Just as the first drops of water fall from the sky, we prepare to leave Nanded. The Superdrive 2 Route 1 Nano Cavalcade headed on to the highway negotiating crooked city roads and the rain soaked tarmac.

When it rains, a beautiful vibe takes over, the windows wind down and the freshness of the surroundings refreshes the senses. That smell of rain on mud is one of the most captivating aromas one may ever encounter; our cavalcade seems to think so too.

Breakfast was a nice affair, our dosa man, Suresh, made us some delectable masala dosas, wadas and idlis in the morning. The sambhar tasted like the real home-made stuff and the coconut chutney was brilliant too. A perfect start to the day!

We left Nanded hoping to reach Nagpur by the end of the day as 400 kilometres didn’t seem like much but the torrential rain we encountered on our way slowed our cavalcades pace down quite a bit. The Tata Nano is remarkably stable on slick surfaces as I noticed today. Well balanced for the tall car that it is. Even the ghats on the State Highway 3 were a breeze for this cute looking car.

Ever so determined, we reached a place called Yeotmal on the State Highway 3. Marked by green milestones all along, Yeotmal doesn’t seem like much of a travel destination, more like a transit town, a gateway to the centre of India. We decided to stop here for the night.

One thing has to be said, the food in Yeotmal is fit for a king. For a Non-Vegetarian this place is like heaven. Whether you’re a Hyderabadi who loves the ‘paya’ or a Lukhnawi who loves the ‘pulao’ it is all here. Stomachs filled up, the Route 1 team hit the sack.

Tomorrow we reach Nagpur, the city known for the Orange! Meet us at Empress Mall there and get a chance to win Nano Goodies!

The Journey in pictures:



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