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May 27, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Day 7. Sholapur hues

The heat is mighty oppressive in this part of the country, no one is complaining though. Sholapur has been kind to us and even more excited about the Nano, to tell you the truth. The Tata Nano is a hit with the kids here! Everywhere we go, I can hear ‘Nano Nano’ being recited by all the children who manage to steal a look at the cute cars.

Preparations for the Superdrive 2 carnival at this laid back city are on, full swing. The team is now well adjusted to being on the road, as they say: ‘whatever it is – its better in the wind’. The Nanos are being readied for the event tomorrow, as the day ends. Prim and proper.

The promotions are on too, we distributed pamphlets and flyers today also put up loads of posters all over Sholapur. For the first time, I’ve seen people come up to our cars and ask about the Superdrive 2! The prospects look exciting for the carnival tomorrow. One gentleman in particular, came up to our Yellow Nano and introduced himself as the first Nano owner of Sholapur. We spoke about the car for a while and he told us how he uses it as a second car for his family.

There again we learn more about the Nano, it makes for a perfect second car for any family. Whether it is dropping the kids to school or getting groceries for the woman of the house – the Nano is a one stop solution for all that one could ask for from a car of its segment.

Everyone wants one, that’s for sure. I just saw the new Tata Nano ad on TV as I write this post. There is nothing more that makes me feel more proud, than to be a part of such a drive. It is a phenomenon, the Tata Nano. From the juice stall on the road side to the occasional fine dining eatery that we go to for our daily grub, the Nano is the centre of conversations. Well, it isn’t called the ‘small wonder’ for nothing.

Tomorrow’s event is sure to rock the place! So there we go – The stage is set – The cars are ready, people of Sholapur – Superdrive 2 is ready to rumble!

The journey in pictures:



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