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May 27, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Day 9: Onwards to Nagpur

We were flagged off from Sholapur by Mr Kiran, from the Tata Motors showroom. Our cavalcade of cars then made its way on to the highway and headed towards Nagpur.

The roads in central India are like pieces of architecture, smooth and curvaceous but with strategically placed pot holes which can hurt, if not negotiated around. We though didn’t have a problem as our drivers loved the road and at some stretches, zig-zagged their way through with the Nanos.

We stopped for lunch at a remote village where surprisingly there were some chowpati kind of chaat stalls. Pav-bhaji and gulkand ice cream was on our menu! Gulkand ice cream is like heaven in a bowl in these temperatures. It’s getting close to 45 degrees in the day.

We drove through the afternoon and into the evening when the roads became really smooth and as the sun started setting, the light on the tarmac was amazing. The landscape stretched as far out as the eyes could see. Captivating, are the views of central India.

We reached Nanded under the cover of darkness and my god is this city beautiful! We entered the city by driving over a kilometre long bridge with a magnificently lit river underneath. After the day’s rigours, driving and dust, the city of Nanded was like a breath of fresh air. We drove past the clock tower in the city centre and right there it felt like we were on the sets of some Bollywood film.

Soon we reached our hotel for the night and put up. It was a long day of travel for everyone including our cars and the Superdrive 2 route 1 team and its Nanos went to bed.

It will be another long journey to get to Nagpur which is about 400 kilometres away still. I wonder what vistas are in store! If you are in Nagpur on 26th May join us at the Nano Superdrive 2 Carnival at Empress Mall!

The journey in pictures:


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