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May 28, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Day 12, Nagpur meets Superdrive 2!

A brilliant interaction! The Superdrive 2 team had a blast today, whether it be the Mall Activation or the NanoSuperdrive 2 intra-city rally. Nagpur really loves its Nano and they want even more!

Early in the morning as we waited for our Mall to open, the Route 1 team was invited for a blood donation camp. All of us voluntarily donated blood for the camp organised by a local co-operative. We care!

The Superdrive 2 team had organised a Mall activation at the Empress Mall in Nagpur and also a rally/drive for the local owners of the Tata Nano. Today, people came in droves to check out the demo Nano kept at our central stand. The guests also played games like ‘fish the Nano’ and ‘ring it’ right there.

For the intra-city rally, rows of Nano after Nano lined up one behind the other in front of the Jaika Motors showroom here in Nagpur. The line-up of Tata Nanos owned by our guests stretched out as far as the eyes could see, like a colourful line of cars.

The registrations poured in and the guests were happy to be a part of this journey of the Superdrive 2 across India. Everyone was ready and game for the drive across Nagpur city!

The Tata Nano Superdrive 2 rally was flagged off by Mr Dongre, Deputy Commissioner Nagpur Division. The cavalcade of 50 plus Tata Nanos made its way around the major city centres of Nagpur as everyone else got a closer look at what the Nano phenomenon is. Everywhere from Anji chowk to Medical chowk, the Nanos made an impression. People asked us what the rally was about and why we were doing it and how could they be a part of it. We told them all to join us at the Empress Mall for the activation.

All along the road, heads kept turning and the eyes followed the huge line of cars. The line-up in Nagpur was a sight to behold.

As the sun readied itself for the day’s sundown, the rally was flagged in at the Empress mall. The parking was exclusively for Tata Nanos tonight! All the guest were invited in, where they had a look at the New Tata Nano and also played games and won prizes. The mood today was of intense fun and joy.

So many families came to our stand in the mall and clicked pictures with our Nano. The technical team from Tata helped answer all the queries the people had and our emcee and team made sure people enjoyed the games to the full. The mall was abuzz with talks about the Tata Nano and why not?

This was an awesome day, so many people, so many cars and so much happiness. All because of just one car – The Tata Nano.

Tomorrow we are heading to Amravati! Stay tuned to this space as I keep you updated with the latest – on the road!

The Journey in pictures:



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