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May 29, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Day 13, Vroom Vrooom!

The Nagpur Mall activation was a terrific success and our team is now sky high on morale! This leg of Superdrive 2 takes the route 1 team from Nagpur to Amravati.

Flagged off from the Jaika Motors Tata showroom at Nagpur, the cavalcade of cars travelled back onto the highway. The National Highway 6, in my opinion is by far the smoothest section of highway – anywhere in India.

The views of the highway itself from the seats of our cars were dumbfounding. The radiating heat off the asphalt created the most stunning view of the road at a distance. Small hills over which the highway paves its track were awesome places to stop and just take in the sight of the entire length of the road.

The temperatures are hovering over the 58 degrees mark as we drive along on the highway. It is an experience travelling in areas of the country under such hot weather conditions. Thankfully, there are clouds in the skies above us. It didn’t rain today but we all hope it rains soon and well enough to make the drive more pleasant – especially in the afternoons.

We covered the distance of 150 kilometres in quick time and were settled in the small town a little before sunset. Amravati is home for the next few days as we prepare to, once again, head out into the comfort zone of the common man and bring to you their experience with the Tata Nano.

The journey in pictures:




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