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June 1, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Taking a pause, for the cause, 15 days on the road!

Today we were flagged in at Amravati, at the Jaika Motors Tata Showroom. We have spent half a month on the road! The Tata Nano Superdrive2 Route 1 team, after reaching Amravati, had some time in hand before the preparations for the carnival began again. We laid back, kicked off our shoes and relaxed.

On any road trip, it’s not just about going from one place to another. Our Journey across mainland Maharashtra hasn’t just been about the drive. The things we saw, the people we met and even the cups of chai we had on the highway – all put together have made the first half of the Superdrive 2 a memorable experience. Starting off with the Kolhapuri chappal and meeting the unhurried pace of Sholapur, from their driving into the metropolitan city of the orange fruit and now at the town of Amravati, The route 1 team and cavalcade has covered more than 1800 kilometres.

Right from when we left Mumbai, strangers to one another, the bond between us brothers has grown. The leaders of the drive on this route and I now share a friendship deeper than most. We don’t think twice before joking about each other. Making new friends, now that’s what life is about!

Looking back at the journey thus far, I now have a great liking for the Nano, it has driven over all kinds of terrain and performed exquisitely for the car that it is. As the motorhead I am, I have noticed the most popular myths about the car are mostly untrue. Having driven these Nanos, I can also tell you that the cars are up to anything you can throw at them. Good machines for the common individual. I might just get one for myself once I’m back home!

At the various events that we have been a part of and even on the road, the team and I have had the chance to interact with lots of Nano owners and their families. One thing that is a constant in the lives of all these people, it is the happiness that the Nano brings into their lives. Also, as I have said before, it is the fulfilment of a lifelong aspiration of owning a four wheeler. People on the road come up to us where ever halt for a break and ask us questions about the car and the drive. Sometimes they even come up asking whether we are shooting for a Bollywood film!

The journey so far has been an interesting amalgamation of people, roads, cars and the experience of travelling with a purpose. Everyone on the team, including our drivers have had a real blast doing what we do. Our cavalcade is blessed with some very experienced steering men. They constantly tell us stories of their life on the road and how they love driving as a part of this event. ‘Sameer bhai’ the most experienced of the lot tells me that he feels proud of the fact that he is driving for the Superdrive 2 cavalcade. He also elaborates on his critique about the Nano and says ‘jitni achi city mein chalti hai utni hi highway pe80 ki speed pe bhi araam se chalti hai hain’.Bilal, our in house speed demon says he like the balance the car has on ghats and hilly terrain. He tells me that for such a tall car, the Nano is perfectly poised on the road. Irfan or Salmaan Khan as he is affectionately called says that that the car is perfect for him. The men are all pumped up about the drive into Gujarat.

Looking forward, the state of Gujarat awaits the arrival of the Superdrive 2 Nano cavalcade and we boys can’t wait to get back on the road. First though, we meet the people of Amravati on the 1st of June. Meet the Nanos and join the happiness parade at Nemuni Inn, 3pm onwards on the 1st day of June.

We are recharged and ready to drive! Are you?


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