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June 1, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

The preparations begin!

In Amravati today, the preparations for the carnival are on full swing! The venue is being prepared and the people have been seeing the Nano cavalcade on the streets. Our attention grabbing Nanos have already generated much hype amongst the people of this sleepy city.

The Superdrive 2 team distributed pamphlets and put up posters and danglers all over the city today. We even took a small drive to a town called Patarwada, where the local Tata motors dealer wanted us to show off the Superdrive 2 Nanos and spread the word.

We reached Patarwada around afternoon and after a short breakfast break, where we were offered missal without pav (Chapati se khao!), we took off on the village roadshow. We drove our cavalcade through the ultra-narrow streets of the village, while the people of the place gawked at our cars. We even drove through the sabji mandiof the village! What an awesome drive! We loved Patarwada and the vibe of openness and friendship that the people had.

After this short road show, we decided to head back to base. Back at Amravati, the flyers were being distributed at major town centres like the Jai Stambh Square and the Science Square.The people responded with earnest. They all seemed excited on the prospect that they will get a chance to get up close and personal with the Nano. The children love it, the youngsters love it and even the oldies love the Tata Nano!

The team thinks we will have a good number of people getting involved with the Tata Nano Superdrive 2 carnival at Amravati.

The sleepy town of Amravati is gearing up for the happiness parade! Get involved by joining us for the carnival on 1stJune at Nemuni Inn, 3 pm onwards and get a chance to win loads of Nano goodies! See you there!

The journey in pictures:

Heading into town

Tata motors at Fatarwada

Flag in at Jaika Motors in Amravati


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