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June 3, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Day 17. Amravati to Aurangabad

Amazing is the name of this game! The Superdrive 2 was flagged off from Amravati by Mr Atul Deshmukh of Jaika motors. What a drive we had!

The roads all the way from Amravati city right till we reached Aurangabad were by far some of the best I have ever travelled on. Seconded by our team drivers, the entire team of Superdrive 2 Route 1 really enjoyed the early morning drive.

As the sun came up, our cavalcade of Tata Nanos drove onto the highway with first light. The cool early morning breeze and the freshness of everything around was like a massage for our senses. Bilal, one of our drivers said ‘Sir aisi subah me gaadi chalane ka maza hi kuch aur hai’, I nodded in approval.

We drove through many small villages today and also witnessed miles after miles of paddy fields on both sides of the highway. The smooth tarmac allowed us to observe the early morning scenes of life in India with peace. What better start to a day could one ask for?

At a distance of about 300 plus kilometres from Amravati, Aurangabad is our next port of call, the Superdrive 2 team drove with a renewed vigour. Our first stop was for chai at a small village about 200 kilometres before our destination city. We halted at a local dhaba/tea stall. Hot chai poured right off the coal stove and into our ‘cutting’ glasses. That feeling of a hot cup between the fingers on a cool early morning when the sky is overcast, it’s just better if I don’t try and describe it.

We reached Aurangabad a little after lunch time and settled down. We didn’t get too comfortable though, the Mall carnival takes place tomorrow! The preparations are underway and the word is going around!

Meet the Superdrive 2 at Prozone Mall, MIDC Aurangabad, tomorrow the 3rd of June 2011, from 4pm to 8pm and join the happiness parade with your Tata Nano!

The journey in pictures:


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