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June 6, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Day 18, Aurangabad welcomes us with a storm!

Yes my friends! A storm is what we were treated to here. A storm of Nanos, a storm of people and the lovely storm the weather of Aurangabad saved for us as we flagged in our Intra-city rally here, at Prozone Mall.

The day started with preparations for the Superdrive2 Carnival which was being held at the Prozone mall. Setting up began early in the day as the word went around town that the Nano cavalcade and the team of Superdrive2 was in town for a one on one with the city’s people.

Our Intra-city drive was a huge success as more than 40 cars took part and even more guests graced this occasion along with their families. One after the other, the Tata Nanos lined up in front of the Sanya Motors Tata showroom. The rally/drive was flagged off from this location by RTO commissioner Mr Salame.

Dark clouds full of rain covered the skyline of Aurangabad as our Tata Nano happiness parade drove through the streets of this scenic city. Passing along major city landmarks such as Delhi gate and Mill corner, the excitement in the city folk was more than visible. Every time I stopped to take a picture people came up and asked me what I was doing, the moment I told them that a long line of Nanos was going to pass, they all got excited and waited alongside till the Cavalcade passed.

There was a huge dust storm followed by heavy rain as we waited for the Nano parade to be flagged in. As the cars drove into the gate of our Mall, I popped out of my car for a second and managed to click a couple of pictures. I along with my camera were completely wet as I settled back inside the ‘camera’ car. Fun!

The guests entered the carnival area in the centre of the mall and immediately our Emcee Vinay started interacting with them. Playing games and sharing thoughts, our guests tonight were totally engrossed with the goings on at the carnival!

Local RJ Pallavi from big FM also interacted with the owners of the ‘khushiyon ki chaabi’ and took bytes to air on the radio! The Tata motors team was also on the scene answering queries and telling the public about the Nano and its new features and all its colours.

A lot of guests were invited onto the stage to share how the Nano had changed their lives. The vigour with which they came up and spoke about the car and their experiences was really moving. From young couples to senior citizens and even children, all told us one after the other that the car was a huge hit amongst their peers and those who didn’t have one felt jealous of the people who did!

Our guests enjoyed to the hilt today. Aurangabad, with its charm and beautiful people has left the Superdrive2 team feeling a tad sad as we leave tomorrow. Come the morning of tomorrow, the Tata Nano Superdrive2 heads to Surat in Gujarat!

For me, today’s event signified the half way mark, even though this is our 5th city. We now drive into the second state in our itinerary. Driving and crossing the state borders has the entire team excited as two of our colleagues are thorough bred Gujaratis. Their excitement about going to Gujarat has more than rubbed off on all of us!

Follow our cavalcade! As we head to the land of Khakras and dhoklas, stay tuned to this space for updates. See you all in Surat!

Journey in pictures:


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