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June 6, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Day 19. To the land of the Dhokla!

Flagged off from Aurangabad by Manjeet Singh Wahi from Sanya Motors, the Superdrive2 route 1 cavalcade was charged up for the long drive to Surat, Gujarat.

The much awaited border crossing from Maharashtra into Gujarat came amidst pleasant and slightly breezy weather, very well taken by our team. Driving a bunch of cars on smooth highways across mainland India is almost always a pleasure but today, thanks to the spectacular scenery and great company, the pleasure of this trip was at a whole new level.

National highway 211 and consequently NH 6 were our choice of roads to drive on today. The smooth tarmac and the hills and ghats made sure our senses were zapped with the amazement and beauty of our countryside.

Fuel and chai stops were full of light hearted banter and repartee coupled with the spirit of brotherhood amongst us men of the road. We did get stuck on one of the ghats due to a huge traffic jam but we got out with our cavalcade intact and had fun on the road while doing it, taking pictures et al.

As the sun descended on the horizon behind the grey clouds full of rain, we rolled in to the industrial madness of Surat. Finally, we were greeted by a city with broad roads and brilliant looking night life!

5th June,  the city of Surat witnesses the carnival cavalcade of the Tata Nano Superdrive2. People of Surat, join the Happiness Parade and let the merry making begin!

The journey in pictures:


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