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June 6, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Surat, Kemcho?! Carnival Day!

A beautiful city with even more beautiful people and an amazing ethos – that is Surat for you. The Superdrive 2 Carnival here today was the perfect beginning to our tour of Gujarat on this mega road journey across India.

Srijee Motors Surat made sure our experience in this city was next to brilliant. With their courtesy and poise they helped make the Superdrive2 Carnival a huge hit in the city. As we got ready for the carnival in the 43 degree heat of this semi-arid climate the sun hid behind rain clouds.

Our guests started arriving in their Tata Nanos right at 3pm as the Route 1 team of superdrive2 went about welcoming them to our venue. Registrations were on full time, the rings on the ‘ring the Nano’ table started flying and the darts started popping balloons on the darts counter.

Winning a miniature Nano on the langdi board, one of the guests looked at me while I was clicking a picture and said, ‘I love these games, and more than that I love my Nano, thank you for coming here’. All I could do was smile and feel proud to be a part of this endeavour. I thanked him for saying so.

From senior citizens to young toddlers, everyone enjoyed every single game that the Superdrive2 carnival had on offer. Their love for the car was more than apparent as one after the other they came up on the stage and voiced their emotions, Gujarati ma!

The sight of more than two people of a family travelling on a two wheeler is not uncommon in our country but slowly that very sighting will vanish, mark my words, thanks to cars like the Tata Nano. Out of all the things said by our guests today, the most relevant was when one of our guests said that he no longer waits on the side of the road under a tree when it rains.

At 4pm, all the Nanos lined up, led by our pilot Cavalcade car, the Yellow one. Just as the intra-city drive was flagged off by the Mayor of Surat, Shri Rajubhai Desai, the clouds opened. It started raining, not too heavy though. It felt as if the rain gods laid a carpet of rain drops for our Superdrive2 cavalcade!

The windows of all the cars rolled down to enjoy the gentle patter of light rain that was gracing our gala occasion for the people of Surat. The streets of Surat are a pleasure to drive on, even in our ‘camera’ car, watching the line of cars winding through on those roads was an experience!

After the rally ended, back at our venue – The Srijee party plot, the games and merry making began all over again. Our Emcee, Rosemin talked to the guests and RJs from Surat’s My FM took bites of our rally participants to share on the air!

As it became dark, the rush of the carnival was replaced by an excitement for the drive to Vadodara tomorrow! Back on the road we head to another big city in the state of Gujarat. Our men from the Tata Nano Superdrive2 cavalcade tell me I’m in for a real treat as the team always finds me hogging local grub. Sounds like a plan!

It’s been a rocker of a day! Superdrive2 will see you on the road to Vadodara tomorrow! Stay glued, as we head out on to the highway again. One for the road!

The journey in pictures:



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