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June 8, 2011 / Nano Superdrive -2

Day 22, The happiness parade touches Vadodara!

Surat is a city with no inhibitions, a place where the east meets the west in the most subtle of ways. In just one night that the Superdrive2 crew has spent here, we have been able to observe the steadily changing atmosphere of Vadodara. There is a youthful buzz in the city.

The Superdrive2 team organised a mall activation for the city folk of Vadodara at the Vadodara Central mall. Apart from the mall activities, the intra-city rally here was a huge affair! More than 40 Tata Nanos arrived almost in unison at the Miles Motors Tata showroom here in the city. The registrations began in a jiffy and as always, smiles were all around.

The line-up was impressive and there were a lot of little kids all around which made the place even more cheerful than it was initially. Now we were ready for the drive across Vadodara! Flagged off by the Dy Mayor of Vadodara Arvind bhai Patel, the 40+ car strong cavalcade of our guests’ Nanos drove on to the city roads. Painting the city NANO!

With brilliant coordination the happiness cavalcade made its way across Vadodara with people everywhere pointing out towards our cavalcade, led by our yellow Superdrive2 pilot Nano. This place sure loves its Nanos!

After treating the city roads with an overload of Tata Nanos the drive ended at the Vadodara Central Mall where the mall activation was waiting for our guests. As soon as the guests entered our podium area, our emcee engaged them with innovative games and cheerful repartee.

Here too, like other cities, our guests were invited on stage to share their feelings and emotions towards their car the Tata Nano and boy did they oblige. One after the other from owners to owners’ children, everyone came up and spoke about the car. Stories about how this little car changed their lives and helped them gain even more respect among their friends were all shared alike.

An RJ from the local BIG FM also came over and took bites of the owners and their families. The Nano is a rage in this city. It was more than apparent by the response the Superdrive2 got, on the street and in the mall. Out and out fun!

Our stay in Vadodara has been short and purpose driven. Tomorrow, the Superdrive2 cavalcade head back on to the highway. We are now heading towards our final destination on this epic journey! Rajkot in central Gujarat!

Our entire team is now filled with more enthusiasm than ever as we near the completion of this mega drive. Excitement coupled with the realisation of the fact that after Rajkot the team will probably not meet each other for a long time to come. Even though the thought of this tour coming to an end is not very comforting, we are determined to make the Superdrive2 Carnival at Rajkot a memorable one!

Watch this space of more updates and stories, as I bring to you our stories, live!

The Journey in Pictures:





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